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alexandre loureiro solleiro

Alexandre L. Solleiro, Entrepreneur, contactguru.me, manybots.com
Alex is a great freelancer. He got us what we needed to market our product, impressing us and our partners with his deliveries along the way. It was easy and we look forward to more.


Ekke Lainsalu, Estonian Sales Guru, myygiproff.ee, ekkeznaet.ru
Annes is a great (online) marketer who does his work with passion and who focuses on details. He has helped me a lot, I’ve been using his services for already 1,5 years and you can be sure that I wouldn’t do co-operation with a mediocre marketer for such a long period of time. Today there’s no difference anymore in which part of the world me or he are located, communicating via Skype and email works as well as a face to face. Definitely I recommend Annes!


priit pavelson we are hoteliers

Priit Pavelson, Partner/Co-Founder at wearehoteliers.com
The work ethic of Annes is outstanding: With no previous contact, I called Annes at 9 PM and asked for SEO help. We were to launch our website the very next morning and his job had to be done by early hours. Annes worked all night and we launched on time. Annes was efficient and professional. Annes has been advising me on various online marketing issues ever since. Even though I have never met Annes in person, our communication via Skype and e-mail has always been smooth.



(Thomas Hut), Music Producer, DJ, Label Owner
Promoting a music project in today’s overfilled and competitive market is quite a challenge. Annes managed this task brilliantly and helped me to drastically advance and promote the online appearances of the artists of our record label. He helped us to promote the artists in a unique but sensitive way while keeping the credibility of the artist’s images. Annes works in an absolutely professional manner and due to his open mind it is a pleasure to work with him.


Priit Kallas, Dreamgrow.com
Annes is a clever and energetic new generation marketer. He knows what works, and can carry it out practically. Annes has been a good partner for us and I hope this co-operation lasts years.



Arle-Agu-Esko on Annes Alex Org's online marketing services

Arle Agu-Esko, marketing manager at koopia.ee and prindistuudio.ee

Annes helped me to improve my Adwords use and gave me a lot of good advice on how to make my advertisments more efficient.
We communicated online and it worked better than I hoped.


Raido Tamar, SEOpartner.ee
We were pleasantly surprised by seeing work made so quickly. Having provided us with an extremely informative research, we are more than happy to co-operate with Annes in the future.


Anastasia Koltai, Founder of myenglishteacher.eu

Alex’s suggestions helped me to improve my website’s conversions. He gave me exact information. Where to cut the website for better conversions. Where to use bullet points and where not. What image to use for user’s better experience. It is always a pleasure to work with him. He is young and efficient.


Timo Porval, lavii.ee

Annes is a quick study. He’s able to understand what is important to the client and knows how to deliver it. I’ve got good advice from Annes and I believe that you can get it too!



aleksandr savihhin smspm mtaxiapp
Aleksandr Savihhin, smspm.com / mtaxiapp.com

We are doing long-term co-operation with Annes. We like that work is always done properly and often we get even more than was initally agreed upon.
Results are professional. He deals with our projects like with his own startups.



Christian Thomas, TerviseksBBB.com
I enjoyed working with Annes from beginning to end and was very happy with the final product.
After having a few bad experiences with other developers it was refreshing to deal with someone so professional which meant that working using Skype and email was no problem.
I really felt that he wanted what was best for the website and was willing to go the extra mile to make it happen.


jurgen herzmann
Jurgen Herzmann, Mercadeo OÜ
Annes is great at getting attention for his projects on the internet. I’m sure that he can do the same to his clients. From my own experience I can say that decent project management goes hand-in-hand with all he does.



pamela eesmaa tervis pluss
Pamela Eesmaa, Facebook Fan Page Administrator

Annes gave me very concrete and useful advice on Facebook fan page marketing.



sven tiirusson haamer.net

Sven Tiirusson, haamer.net
Me and Annes worked together at DreamGrow online marketing agency. I felt always very confident when Annes was presented at a client meeting. He bravely said to the client what was needed to be said – what’s wrong and how to fix it.
He was very quick at creating wireframes for different mini-sites and websites. Working with Annes is fun and brings results.